Community Support

Let us assist you to safeguard your wellbeing and give you the freedom to embrace today!

At i-Health Physical therapy, we want to support the quality of life in the community by offering free injury consultation to anyone and women in particular by offering free prenatal and post-partum classes.

We believe that there are safer ways of dealing with pain and Physical therapy is THE alternative to medications. We want everyone to avail this opportunity and experience the difference Physical therapy can make in their lives.

At i-Health Physical Therapy, we want to fulfill our social responsibility and also bring about an awareness of special topics such as pelvic health, which has been ignored by men and women. With the mutual support from public we want to talk more about pelvic rehab, act on it, alleviate it and also prevent it.Aiding people and educating them about protecting their health gives us a personalsatisfaction.

By doing the right thing and doing it well, we want to ensure that more people trust our services and recommend us to their friends in the community.