Low Back & SIJ


Complaint of low back pain with pins and needles in your legs

Feel uneven when sitting, standing or walking

Difficulty with sleeping on back, belly or sides. Difficulty with bending, sitting or long standing

Herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis

Your lower back experienced severe strain during multiple upper body intensive activities. There is muscle or ligament wear and tear that can cause pain and problems. Some commonly observed causes are Sciatica or Piriformis syndrome. Atheletes tend to experience such issues due to the continued shift of the body weight during exercising or running. A dysfunction on the Sacroiliac joint is one of the other common reasons for low back pain.

At i-Health Physical Therapy, we understand that the low back & SIJ pain can affect you in your daily work. The treatment will be depend on the cause of the problem and also the symptoms observed.

Some of the common causes of low back pain include:
- Poor Sitting/Standing Posture
- Herniated DIsc
- Fracture
- Spondylosis
- Muscle Pain
- Sciatica