Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Englewood

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About Englewood

Englewood is located in Bergen County in the United States. The city is named after the Engle family. It was the first primarily English speaking settlement in Bergen County. It is located on the sides of Hudson River. The city was founded before the European colonization. It was known to be a highly forested area. It is because of this reason that the city was named as ‘Englewood’ which means ‘wooden nook’. The residents have always placed emphasis on education since the early days. The city residents were the first ones to discover gold in the river. This discovery was the major reason why people came to settle in the city. An Irish immigrant was responsible for naming the city as Englewood. He was then named as Father of Englewood.

What is pelvic floor rehabilitation Englewood?

The pelvic floor rehabilitation Englewood treatment is the treatment given to both men and women who suffer from various problems. The problems mainly include urinary incontinence, the urgency of urination and pain in the pelvic region. There are times when the pelvic muscles tend to become weak, tight or loose due to some surgery or trauma. The symptoms in men and women differ. Women may feel a pain during intercourse or while using a tampon. The men usually face chronic pain or burning sensation with urination. But regardless the gender, experiencing pain or incontinence of urine/stool is very common. You should recognize the symptom and see a doctor as soon as possible. The Pelvic floor Physical therapy Englewood is a non-surgical treatment.

How does Pelvic floor Physical Therapy Englewood work?

Pelvic floor physical therapy Englewood is a natural therapy. The therapy includes alignment of muscles with natural way. The therapy does not use any medicines, so there are no chances of any side effects. Irrespective of the age one can undertake the therapy. It includes manual therapy as well as exercises. The therapist checks your personal condition and tells you what to do. The exercises mainly deal in relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. The exercise is seen to be the most effective among the people. The patients are also taught the correct manner to breathe. The exercises will make sure that all the weak muscles are strengthened. It stretches the tight muscles. It also aims at improving flexibility in the body. The manual therapy includes a hand on massage. This also helps in improving posture and blood circulation. The therapy also includes stretching.

i-Health Physical Therapy Clinic near Englewood

i-Health Physical Therapy clinic based in Hackensack is proximal to Englewood and in case you are looking for pelvic floor physical therapy Englewood, you can reach out to us for sure!