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Popular as the most populous county in New Jersey, Bergen County is located in the north eastern corner of the NJ. It is one of the first four original counties in the New Jersey. Situated right across the Hudson River, it is connected with the George Washington Bridge. This county is divided in 70 municipalities. Interestingly, there is no large city within this county.

About the Town:

Before the English and the Dutch invaded, the Bergen County was inhabited by the Native Americans. In fact, it is seen that some of their descendants are still here in parts of the Ramapough Mountain Indian Tribe.

The name of the city has always been a debatable topic. While some say that it is named after its earliest settlements - Bergen; there are some who disagree with this theory. In fact, there are some who refer to Bergen County as Bergen Norway and some who call it as Bergen North Holland.

Bordered by Rockland County, any one will be mesmerized by the beautiful view. It has New York to the north, the Hudson River to the east; and it is strategically located within New Jersey. It shares a small border with Essex County to the south and by Passaic County to the west.

What is Pelvic Rehab?

Pelvic floor dysfunction and myofascial release are most commonly neglected ailments. Women tend to suffer a lot due to it. The fact that they shy away from such condition keeps them away from seeking the treatment right on time. This is why it has become mandatory to educate women and even men on such pelvic conditions.

The conditions are unfamiliar and one might take time to work on it. At the same time, the diagnosis might appear terrifying. There have been instances when the pelvic rehab physiotherapist might prescribe you with a surgery.

Why Pelvic Rehab Clinic Bergen County?

The best therapy is the one that offers accurate or near to accurate solutions. It is obvious that the concerns are genuine when it comes to the pelvic region. However, there are instances where the solutions are non-invasive. The procedures are spanned out in sessions at the pelvic rehab clinic Bergen County. Also, you will be guided for not just overcoming the condition but also strengthening your pelvic region. In simpler words, you will be looking at a holistic support from your physiotherapist at the pelvic rehab.

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